Our Activity

  • Professional and sector interest protection and representation on the forums of interest harmonization
  • Supporting technological improvement, investment and market access; informing our members about the export supports, helping to compete tenders, participating in the valuation process.
  • Quality Assurance, Industrial Property and Copyright Guidance
  • Researching of domestic and foreign partners, research of export and import cooperation possibilities
  • Assist business meetings and help appearance on exhibitions.
  • Intermediating capital investments, loans and financial opportunities
  • Supporting to establish of professional co-operations Cooperation with vocation schools and helping the labor reeducation and motivate the continuative educations,
  • Revelation of employment policy structures, forwarding the application and competition possibilities to the members, help the expansion of the employment
  • Developing international relations
  • Help to improve the market position of our member companies
  • Reinforce the accentual and strategic position of the different sectors representing by our Association, help the state reforms and the structural changing, elaborate reform propositions,
  • Revelation of the possibility to assure venture capitals
  • Rules monitoring and publication, participation in the rule creation process (opinion, estimate, initiatives, proposals etc.),
  • Examinations of improvement possibilities and elaboration of sector analysis of the sustainable progress

Our toolkit

In order to achieve our stated goals, we operate a system of tools that:
– uses the possibilities of advocacy (proposal, opinion, participation, representation, opposition, etc.)
– describes economic and professional arguments and objectives
– informs the public, the media
– takes steps to promote economic stability and development
– cooperates with sectoral, civil, municipal and governmental actors
– relies on the indirect and direct information of professional and expert staff of its members to serve economic and employer interests.